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Products & Services

01 / Compute

Servers to power any size workload. Converged, Software-Defined, Cloud-Ready.

Rack Servers
Tower Servers
Blade Servers
Density Optimized Servers
Mission Critical Servers
Servers for Cloud
Server Management
Integrated Systems

02 / Storage

Fast, affordable storage for the New Style of IT

All-flash and Hybrid Storage
Midrange and Enterprise Storage
Entry-level Storage Systems
Primary Storage  & DR
Backup, Recovery and Archive
Enterprise Application Storage
Data Availability, Protection and Retention
Software Defined Storage
Management and Orchestration
Storage Networking

03 / Network

Unify Your Network, Shift Your Industry

Access Points and Controllers
Wireless LAN
Campus and Branch Networking
Data Center Networking
Wide Area Network
Software Defined Networking
Network Functions Virtualization
Network Management

Products & Services

01 / Compute

Servers to power any size workload. Converged, Software-Defined, Cloud-Ready.

Rack & Bladed Infrastructure Servers.
Edge Servers – IOT.
Multi-Node Servers.
Density optimized servers.
Modular Infrastructure.
Integrated Systems.
Composable Systems.
Scalable Systems.
Hyperconverged systems.
High-Density computing.
Mission Critical Servers.
Rack & Power Infrastructure.
Server Management.
Data Center Infrastructure.


02 / Storage

Fast, affordable Storage for the New Style of IT.


Mid-range & Enterprise Storage Systems.
All-Flash & Hybrid Storage.
Primary & DR Storage.
Intelligent Distributed Storage.
Scale-out NAS.
Parallel File System Appliances for HPC.
Parallel Scale Out NAS.
Secure backup appliances.
Disk Shelves.
Tape Library, Ultrium Tape Drives.
Software-defined storage (SDS).
Data protection software.
Management & Orchestration software.
Storage fabric.

Storage media.

03 / Network

Unify Your Network.


Campus and Branch Networking.
Content Delivery Network.
Data Center Networking.
Enterprise Network Security.
InfiniBand Network Switches.
Fabric switches.
IoT Gateways.
Load Balancers.
Network Functions Virtualization.
Network Management.
Software Defined Networking.
Switches & Routers.
Wireless and mobility.

04 / Services / Consulting

Backup,Recovery,Archiving,Object Storage,Data Availability,Protection & Retention.
Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery & High Availability.
Big Data & Analytics.
Data orchestration, Consolidation with Operations & Management.
Hyperscale & High-Performance Computing (HPC).
Load Balancing, Performance Optimization, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).
Secure Application Acceleration, WAN Acceleration, CDN.
Secure DNS, DHCP, IPAM & DDoS Protection.
SAN Management.
Software-defined data centre.
Storage Networks.
Virtualization - Private & Hybrid Cloud, Software-Defined WAN, Data Centre (SDDC).




Culturing Enterprise Instincts.


To be the preferred technology partner, trusted advisor & supplier to the partner eco system enforcing vendor neutrality.


Enhancing the success of its partners, associates and investors while embracing its values of innovation, accountability, integrity, teamwork and respect, learning and social responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility

To abide by the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty and fairness in every action that we take, everywhere, all the time.

We are solemnly committed to corporate social responsibility. Organizational changes are made to follow this. We actively pursue opportunities to balance our financial, social and environmental responsibilities to achieve positive outcomes for our diverse global stakeholders. Along this journey, we are committed to collaboration, transparency and innovation.


Who we are

We can support you in Consulting, Designing, Planning, Sourcing, Supply, Service Delivery & Training


We can gather and assess your customer needs, both business / technical and architect an appropriate technical solution to meet the customer's business requirements.


We can enable a seamless transformation to modern architecture while protecting existing investments using Solutions from leading Industry Vendors.

Get More from Your Investment we can offer a full complement of software, options, and services to help keep your system and your business running seamlessly, reclaiming space, power, and cooling resources.


From Tier-1 Storage for mission critical applications, virtualization, and cloud to Entry Storage for small and midsize business, remote offices and departments. Choosing the Right Infrastructure for Your Data-Driven Organization.

Industries we like to support


Energy - Oil & Gas

Financial Services & Banking





Defense & Security




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